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Extension for the file manager Ubuntu

Extension for Windows File Manager

  • Description:

    After you install builds into the context menu of images of an additional option to download the images. To use, simply right click on the image and choose the option - Upload to ITmages.


    Download the latest version for Windows XP/Vista/7 You can link: itmages-windows-extension


    2f319d05fd60dc33f5a693174fb471bd  itmages-extension-0.3-win32.exe

Perl-script for geeks

  • Description:

    Perl-script to upload images from the command line. Unpack the archive and set the execution flag on the file itmages-upload
    For assistance, dial ./itmages-upload help


    You can download the Perl script to download images at: itmages-upload.tar.gz


  • Latest versions of programs are available in our bazaar repository:
  • Extension (Windows): bzr branch lp:~itmages/itmages/itmages-windows-application
  • Extension (GNU/Linux): bzr branch lp:~itmages/itmages/itmages-nautilus-extension
  • EOG-plugin: bzr branch lp:~itmages/itmages/itmages-eog-plugin
  • Client (in development): bzr branch lp:~itmages/itmages/itmages-client

Recent news

Published 4 years ago:

Upload images is even easier and faster! Now you can do it directly from the page of My uploads

Published 4 years ago:

Updated the section "My uploads", pictures load faster, and navigating pages now instant! 

Published 6 years ago:

Upgrade a package extension for the file manager Nautilus (Ubuntu 11.04 Natty). Our address Repository: ppa:itmages/software